MSc in Chemistry – Analytical Chemistry

Key Points

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This is the most established analytical masters course in Ireland and is among the most popular masters courses studied at UCC. This particular masters course is highly successful internationally in attracting students from all over the world due to the industry-led teaching agenda. The industry-relevant curriculum offered to students and the opportunity to complete a six-month placement in industry or in an academic research laboratory has also had a major impact on the student experience. 

Program description

This program is delivered in three key areas of Analytical Chemistry, Environmental Analytical Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Analysis. They are designed to provide advanced knowledge and practical training in modern analytical instrumental techniques. 

The MSc in Analytical Chemistry is a one-year course designed to provide you with the theoretical and practical skills for employment in a wide range of industries requiring analytical expertise. The course curriculum consists of six months of lectures, practical laboratory sessions, professional service workshops, industry-based seminars/workshops, industry visits and a six-month research project (industry, research institute, on-board).

At the end of this master’s course, you will be able to:

  • identify, formulate, analyze and solve problems in the analysis of chemical compounds.
  • describe the fundamental and applied aspects of chemical analysis.
  • design and perform a method of chemical and pharmaceutical analysis, including instrumental analysis.
  • prepare written laboratory reports that provide a description of the experiment, explain the experiment and the reasoning clearly and provide an appropriate conclusion.
  • communicate effectively with the chemical, environmental and pharmaceutical communities.
  • to carry out research and development of methods in chemical, pharmaceutical and environmental analysis.
  • prepare a written research report in the form of a dissertation.

Program structure

The MSc course in Analytical Chemistry consists of eight course modules including lectures, set practical sessions, professional service workshops, industry guest lectures, industry workshops and site visits and a six-month research project.

Students study 90-credit coursework from the following modules:

  • Modern analytical techniques, chemical data analysis and GLP (10 credits)
  • Separation Science, Sensors and Analytical Process Technology (10 credits)
  • Materials, pharmaceuticals and bioanalysis (10 credits)
  • Practical Analytical Chemistry (10 credits)
  • Industry-led workshops (5 credits)
  • Graduate Transferable Skills Development (5 credits)
  • Monitoring (10 credits)
  • Biopharmaceuticals: Formulation Design, Secondary Processing and Regulatory Compliance (10 credits)
  • Research Project and Dissertation in Analytical Chemistry (30 credits)

Admission requirements

  • Candidates must have obtained at least a bachelor’s degree with honours or equivalent in a subject(s) related to that of the master’s programme.
  • Graduates with equivalent qualifications in related areas of science and technology, or with proven and relevant industrial experience may be considered after interview and assessment. 
  • In the case of international candidates, the foreign equivalent is required. In addition, a degree officially translated into English will be required.
  • IELTS 6.5, with no less than 6 in any component (or its internationally recognised equivalent).

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