BSc (Hons) in Sustainable Agriculture/Agricultural Food Production

Key Points

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This is a joint entry B.Sc. (Hons) in Agriculture and this programme will have two award options;

  • BSc (Hons) Sustainable Agriculture
  • BSc (Hons) Agri-food Production

The first two stages of these programs are common, and students will begin their specialization in Sustainable Agriculture or Agri-Food Production in the third year of the program.

Program Structure

Semester 1

→ Animal and crop science (all year round)

Agricultural mechanization and precision agriculture

→ Economic and agricultural records

→ Physics through PBL and mathematics.

→ Biological and chemical sciences

Semester 2

Agricultural machinery and equipment

Agricultural management and accounting

Microbiological and environmental sciences

→ ICT applications and research skills

Semester 1

→ Biochemistry and Animal Nutrition

→ Quality insurance

→ Pasture and crop production (all year round).

→ Statistical methods for agriculture

Agricultural business planning, analysis and legal issues (all year)

→ Daily production

Semester 2

→ Food Science

→ Health and safety and agricultural placement

→ Cattle and sheep production

Semester 1

→ Soil science

→ Financial management systems

→ Research methods and GIS

→ Sustainable entrepreneurship and teamwork (all year round).

→ Agricultural processing and quality management (all year round)

→ Processing, analysis and management of food production.

Semester 2

Pig and poultry production

Agriculture in the environment

→ Agricultural management and production systems

→ Internship (* jobs available in New Zealand, USA or Europe)

Semester 1

→ Environmental management in the agri-food sector.

Agricultural policy and professional practice

→ Agro-science project (one year)

Herd health and biosecurity

→ Value-added agri-food product

Semester 2

→ Sustainable agricultural production systems

Sustainable rural development

→ Genetics and genomics in agriculture

Principles and methodologies

Career oportunities

Graduates of this course will have career opportunities in the following areas:

  • Postgraduate research positions;
  • Agricultural Advisor with consultancy or state agency;
  • A commercial farmer or farm manager;
  • Technical sales role;
  • Analytical Scientist or Researcher in the Agro-environmental Management Sector;
  • Quality Manager or Food Production Supervisor;
  • Rural Industry Entrepreneur;
  • Manufacturing: food or beverages;
  • Auditors or inspectors in the agri-food sector;
  • Rural entrepreneurs (e.g. artisanal food products, etc.);
  • Production supervisors and analysts in the food processing industry;
  • Quality management / quality assurance functions in the agri-food industry;
  • Food product development scientists.

Admission requirements

For international students, a bachelor’s degree from the country of origin is required. The degree and grades must be officially translated into English.

Applicants will require a baccalaureate degree officially translated into English.

→ IELTS 6.0 or higher (or internationally recognised equivalent).

Business placement

There are two work placements in stages 2 and 3 of both programmes. The placements provide students with excellent opportunities to apply their learning to real-world environments and develop general and subject-specific employability skills.

Stage 2 placement is usually on a host farm and lasts for 8 weeks. Stage 3 placement can be in an agri-food industry or in a large agricultural company. This placement lasts 12 weeks and can be completed abroad.

Who should apply

This course is suitable for students interested in the area of agriculture and agri-food. These programs provide a broad understanding of the science and business of agricultural and agri-food enterprises and are suitable for students who enjoy a combination of outdoor and indoor classrooms.

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