BA (Hons) of General Nursing

Key Points

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The objective of the four-year BSc (Hons) course in general nursing is to prepare general nursing students to become competent, knowledgeable, and responsible nurses and nurses who can provide comprehensive, evidence-based care for service users in a variety of healthcare settings. Learning takes place in the classroom, in the clinical skills lab, and in a variety of clinical practice settings throughout the HSE Louth-Meath, Cavan-Monaghan area.

The BSc (Hons) in General Nursing course prepares students to meet the standards and requirements of pre-enrollment nursing education for general nursing (Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland, 2016). Upon successful completion of this course, the student is eligible to register with NMBI as a General Nurse (RGN) and is awarded a bachelor’s degree. (Hons) In General Nursing.

This full-time four-year course is offered in partnership with the Health Services Executive, RCSI Hospital Group, and other Health Service Providers (HSP) from the public and private health sectors.

Program structure

Semester 1

→ Safe Health Practice 1

→ Natural Sciences for General Nursing (Part 1)

→ Learning to learn

→ Fundamentals of general nursing practice

→ Introduction to the social sciences of health and disease

→ Clinical placement 1

Semester 2

→ Safe sanitary practice 2

→ Natural Sciences for General Nursing (Part 2)

→ Health of the elderly and the community

→ Skilled nursing and maternity care

→ Communication and interpersonal skills

→ Clinical placement 1

Semester 1

→ Cardiovascular and respiratory nursing (Part 1)

→ Psychosocial aspects of health and illness (Part 1)

→ Musculoskeletal Nursing

→ Mental health in general nursing

→ Applied Physiology and Introduction to Pharmacology

→ Clinical placement 2

Semester 2

→ Cardiovascular and respiratory nursing (Part 2)

→ Psychosocial aspects of health and illness (Part 2)

→ Gastrointestinal nursing

→ The research process

→ Oncology and Hematology Nursing

→ Clinical placement 2

Semester 1

→ Neurological, endocrine, otorhinolaryngological and ophthalmological nursing

→ Chronic disease and older adults

→ Pharmacology for general nursing practice

→ Quality, risk and health safety

→ Clinical placement 3

Semester 2

→ Renal and Reproductive Nursing

→ Palliative care and end-of-life care

→ Ethical and legal practice General nursing

→ Research evaluation

→ Clinical placement 3

Semester 1

→ Research proposal

→ Evaluation and treatment of the adult with acute illness

→ Leadership and clinical management for professional nursing practice

→ Contemporary nursing practice

→ Clinical placement 4

Semester 2

→ General Nursing Internship (36 weeks)

Business placement

General nursing students carry out clinical practices each semester. Clinical placements are facilitated throughout the HSE Louth-Meath, Cavan-Monaghan area.

Year 4 has a 36 week paid internship in clinical practice from January to September to allow consolidation of learning and preparation for the role of a registered general nurse.

Career options

Currently, registered general nurses are in great demand at home and abroad. Graduates can apply for nursing degree positions. Postgraduate opportunities are plentiful in a variety of clinical practice specialties that facilitate progression to the role of Clinical Nurse Specialist / Advanced Nurse Practitioner. Additionally, graduates can also progress to MSc. and doctorate and career level in Nursing Research, Education and Management.

Course delivery

Teaching includes modules on nursing studies, life sciences, psychological and social sciences, research, law and ethics, leadership, and management skills.

Classroom learning is facilitated through lectures, tutorials, small group work, and seminars. Clinical skills are taught in simulated clinical settings through demonstrations, hands-on, scenario-based examples, and objective structured clinical examinations.

Work-based learning takes place in clinical practice under the supervision of RNs and through reflection on experience.

Admission requirements

→ Applicants will require a baccalaureate degree officially translated into English
→ IELTS 6.0 or higher (or its internationally recognized equivalent)

Who should apply

People seeking a meaningful and rewarding career helping others of all ages and backgrounds in need of medical care. Individuals committed to learning new knowledge and acquiring competencies in a variety of practical skills and abilities to provide high-quality compassionate nursing care.

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