BA (Hons) in Film and Screen Media

Key Points

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The Bachelor of Film and Screen Media from University College Cork is a special and unique degree that offers students a comprehensive education on the history, theory, values, aesthetics and ideology of the moving image.

The philosophy of our BA is that theory, analysis, and history must be informed by practice, and that practice, in turn, must be informed by a deep understanding of how cinema and ideas about film have developed. moving picture. Therefore, this unique program innovatively combines the study of film and screen media (Internet, mobile social networks, electronic publishing) and practical filmmaking modules and writing and digital filmmaking workshops for the screen.

Program description

The bachelor’s degree equips students with the skills for careers in the media, culture and creative industries, teaching, journalism, or for further study and research at the graduate level.

Led by internationally recognized experts, this BA will immerse students in the history and theory of cinema and the screen from around the world, from the birth of cinema to the Internet age. Students also make films under the guidance of seasoned professionals and take advantage of professionalization opportunities provided by the program’s association with film festivals such as Schull’s Fastnet Short Film Festival. With a thriving component of visiting speakers, guest professionals, and artist-in-residence, students will have the opportunity to meet and be taught by film industry professionals and expert speakers from universities and archives around the world.


Program structure

  • Structure and modules of the BA program

The Bachelor of Film and Screen Media is a bachelor’s degree that lasts for 3 years. Students earn the following 60 credits each year, as follows:

First year: BA Film and Screen Media (30 credits) + two other subjects (15 credits each)
Second year: BA Film and Screen Media (40 credits) + other subject (20 credits)
Third year: BA Film and Screen Media (40 credits) + other subject (20 credits)
You can also take the International Path and spend your third year studying Film and your other subject at a partner university abroad.

Each year, students will take core courses in theories, history and aesthetics of film and motion picture media, and in the practical making of films.

  • Introduction to Film Studies
  • Introduction to media and screen culture
  • Early Cinema: From the Magic Lantern to the Pioneers
  • Introduction to digital media
  • Film Theory
  • Documentary film theory and practice
  • Writing and screen
  • Contemporary media and society
  • American Cinema and Culture
  • Irish cinema and genre

    (Choose one of the following. Please note that the availability of specific optional modules may vary from year to year)

  • Cinema and Identity in Spain and Latin America
  • Cinema and realism
  • Display industries theory and practice
  • The gender lens
  • Case studies in European cinema
  • Optional modules (choose 20 credits from the following)
  • Special Studies in Film / New Media
  • New Directions and
  • New Waves: American Cinema
  • After 1960
  • Japanese cinema and culture                       

    * The availability of the module may change from year to year.

      Semester 1:

  • Automation and Control Systems Engineering (all year)
  • Data transmission
  • Integrated Systems Design 1
  • End of the year project (all year)
  • Power electronics design
  • Power systems engineering

    Semester 2:

  • Communication systems
  • Control and Automation Systems Engineering (all year)
  • Embedded Systems Design 2
  • End of year project (all year)
  • Innovation Management
  • Power grid systems

Admission requirements

  • The minimum requirement is a minimum grade of H4 in one subject, a minimum grade of H5 in one subject and a minimum grade of O6 / H7 in four other subjects. English and Irish are requirements for all programs, unless the applicant is exempt from Irish. Students must have a valid driver’s license before beginning their placement in the third year.
  • In the case of international candidates, the foreign equivalent is required. In addition, a degree officially translated into English will be required.
  • IELTS 6.5, with no less than 6 in any component (or its internationally recognised equivalent).


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