Higher Education

Ireland is a small, safe, and beautiful country. It is located on an island in North West Europe and it is the only English-speaking country in the EU. It has a population of 5 million, where 50% of the population are under the age of 30 making it one of the youngest countries in Europe.

Ireland is famous for hospitality and the Irish people are naturally warm & friendly and international visitors always comment on the welcome they receive everywhere they go. The country has a rich cultural heritage in music, art, poetry and dance and the cities are buzzing with things to see and do. The nightlife is world famous, but equally attractive

Great Value Programmes

Aside from its natural beauty and warm welcome, Ireland is also a first-class destination for Higher Education. Ranked in the top 10 globally for its education system, Ireland provides a very high standard of tuition for a very affordable price. Of the top five major English-speaking destinations, Ireland is among the most affordable which is likely one of the reasons why it welcomes more international students per capita than any other destination in the world

Country Avg. Tuition Cost
$25,000 USD
Australia $24,000 USD
UK $21,000 USD
Canadá $17,000 USD
Ireland $17,000 USD

Unbeatable Career Opportunities

The first big attraction for international students is the generous post-study work permit and the thriving economy.Almost every major brand in every industry has a presence, and Ireland is a major European and global business hub.One of the major attractions to Ireland for these international companies is access to highly educated and young graduates and as such many of the programmes have a strong industry influence and focus, with many including professional job placement as part of the programme. The career prospects in Ireland are unbeatable for all graduates and highly skilled candidates may even be eligible for employer sponsorship and a route to residency.

The education system is gloablly regognised
More affordable tuition than the UK or the US
Up to 2-year post study work permit
People & Population
Voted most friendly & safest country in the world
Population of 5 Million, 1 Million live in Dublin
Young & fun country, 30% aged under 25 years
Home For Big Business
Top 5 Global Software Companies
Top 10 Global Pharmaceutical Companies
9 of the top 10 US Technology Companies
Employment For Students
Right to work from arrival: 20/40 hours study/holiday
Minimum wage just over €10
Average graduate salary €35,000


There are over 250,000 students studying at approximately 40
Higher Education institutions in Ireland. Every institution is
regulated by the Irish Government through Quality & Qualifications
Ireland (QQI) and all their programmes lead to qualifications that
are mapped to the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ).

250,000 Students

9 Universities
11 Institutes of Technology
3 National Colleages
15 Private Colleges


International students can often be confused with the distinction between a University or Institute of Technology. The truth is that both institutions offer the same level of qualifications. The simplest distinction is that universities focus more on theory and research, whereas IOTs are more industry focused. IOTs are designed to prepare students for careers, and often deliver programmes that focus on the latest needs of industry and the most in demand skills.

The National Framework of Qualifications in Ireland divides awards in Levels 1-10 where 10 is the highest award. It is proposed that students must progress through each level of award in sequence, where only students with a Level 7 award can progress to Level 8. International graduates can apply to have their international awards recognised and as such progress on to the next level.

To access Higher Education in Ireland, international students will need to demonstrate qualifications that meet the entry requirements for their chosen programme. Entry requirements are unique to each programme, and often include high passing grades in subjects related to the programme. For international students where English is not their first language, they will also need to demonstrate their proficiency in English. If you do not already meet the entry requirements for English language, you should consider enrolling on our Pathway Program.

International Entry
Entry Qualification IELTS Requiere
Level 5 4.5
Level 5 5.5
Level 6* 6
Level 7* 6
Level 8 6.5
Higher Education Programme in Ireland
Programme Title Award Duration Progression or Work-Permit
Foundation Programme Level 7 Entry 1 Year Progress to Level 7 Entry
Bachelor-Degree Level 7 or 8 3 – 4 Years Progress to Level 8
Advance Entry Bachelor Level 7 1- 2 Years Progress to Level 8
Advance Entry Honours Level 8 1- 2 Years 1-Year Work Permit
Masters Level 9 1 Year 2-Year Work Permit