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Study a bachelor’s or master’s degree in humanities to delve deeper into a subject that focuses on all aspects of the human condition. You will have the opportunity to study speech, the development of ideas and knowledge, how society functions, behavioural patterns and challenges, historical and cultural events, as well as human interactions and relationships. Humanities is an excellent degree programme for people who are curious about humanity and the development of culture and society over the centuries.

Learn more! Here are some popular courses you can take during a bachelor’s or master’s degree in humanities: anthropology, foreign languages, psychology, sociology, cultural studies, ethics, modern or ancient philosophy, and others. Humanities students learn to think critically and creatively. They are encouraged to ask questions and propose their own interpretation.

Undergraduate courses also focus on individual research work, while developing skills in interpretation and writing. Cultivating the ability to learn how to learn is also an essential aspect of studying for a degree in Humanities. Be prepared to explore the art, discoveries, rituals, traditions, and cultures that humans have invented over time.

By studying Humanities, you will gain a record of the human experience, a source of infinite potential.

Here are some of the most popular jobs chosen by Humanities graduates: teacher, counselor, technical writer, editor, genealogist, and linguist.