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Applied Sciences and Professions are a group of disciplines that help you develop the specific skills needed to practice a particular profession. Although they include theoretical courses, Applied Sciences and Professions stand out for their practical knowledge and hands-on approach.

They are the type of degrees that turn students into specialists upon graduation. That’s why students who apply for Applied Professions degrees are actually receiving training for their future work and vocation as part of their program.

Learn more! Some of the disciplines within the applied professions are social work, fashion, emergency and disaster management, food science and others. In Applied Sciences, the most popular fields are Health, Technology and Engineering. Courses in applied sciences and professions will focus on helping students find solutions to specific real-life problems they will face in their future work. They will vary greatly depending on your major. For example, if you choose Social Work, you will need to develop social skills, such as communication, empathy and cooperation. You should also know how to work and interact with people and enjoy helping them overcome their problems.

If you choose a degree in Emergency and Disaster Management, classes will focus on understanding, preventing and preparing for emergencies. You will learn how to respond and remain calm during an emergency and educate people on how to react in such a situation. A bachelor’s or master’s degree in Applied Science and Professions will help you find jobs in the subfields we’ve mentioned above, as well as in Library Science, Museum Studies, Military Science, Real Estate and Property Management, Family and Consumer Sciences, and others.