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The Guide: Computer Science

Ireland is famous for hospitality and the Irish people are naturally warm & friendly. The country has a rich cultural heritage in music, art, poetry and dance and the cities are buzzing with things to see and do. The nightlife is world famous, but equally attractive is the accessibility of the great outdoors and the […]

Applying for a visa for Ireland

At UPI we aim to take the headaches and confusion about discovering and applying for your dream program in Ireland. Whether you want to be the next great Software Engineer working for Google, or to launch yourself into Healthcare in Ireland, we have a range of online events to introduce to the best colleges and […]

Welcome to UPI!

University Pathways Ireland is a service delivered by ELI Schools. We help international students to discover, apply and thrive at the best universities and colleges in Ireland. ELI Schools is a leading English language training and Pathway programme provider with two schools in Ireland. Our services focus on helping international students at each stage of […]