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About UPI

University Pathways Ireland is a specialist agency aimed at helping international students to discover, apply and thrive at the best universities and colleges in Ireland. Our services focus on helping international students at each stage of their journey including pre-application planning and support to ensure they find the right program for their career goals.

Discovery Events

If you are still unsure what programme or provider is right for you, we offer a free and transparent University Application service with advice on the best programmes to suit your budget and career goals. We have online search tools, programme guides and deliver regular online events to help you meet the best institutions online from the comfort of your home.

University Access Program

Once you have made your decision, we will help you prepare and submit your applications with checklists and reminders on all the supporting documents you need. We have partnerships with all the major institutions which helps to fast-track your application to the right people.


For students who do not meet the English language requirements, the ELI Schools Pathway Program focuses on English for academic purposes and IELTS preparation. Participants receive a tuition plan to reach their required English level and a Conditional Offer from their selected university of college

Arrive & Thrive

On arrival in Ireland, we provide students with a range of services to take away the stress of moving including airport transfers and arrival accommodation. Over the first few weeks we help you settle with welcome tours and immigration support.

Ongoing Support

Once university starts your life will revolve around campus and all the exciting events this involves. We offer a range of ongoing workshops including advice on how to find a part-time job and how to find affordable long-term off-campus accommodation.

Career Accelerators

For graduates we offer a range of career accelerator services including meet-ups and networking events with recruiters in key industries, advice on Graduate Work Permits and Critical Skills Work Permanent leading to residency.

Ireland Office

16 Liffey St. LowerNorth City, Dublin, D01 P0E0